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Solving Personal Issues with White Light Magic

Solving Personal Issues with White Light Magic

One of the best things about working with white light magic is that you control the ability to alter your fate. If you’ve been struggling with specific issues in your personal life, it may be time to consider doing some casting to adjust your spiritual environment.

White light magic is great for solving the issues that you’re experiencing, utilizing the following types of spells: 

Protection Spells

Protection spells can either be used to provide extra protection for you and your loved ones during a specific period of time, or to protect you against a specific type of energy. These spells can be cast using candle magic, protection bags, or warding. Protection spells are a great way to keep those you love safe and to keep negative energy out of your home. 

Money Spells

If you’ve been struggling to obtain the money that you need to meet your needs, or to achieve your goals, it may be time to consider doing some spellwork focused on your finances. Attraction spells are useful for calling abundance to you, so that you have everything that you need to be happy and successful as you go through life. Spells for wealth and prosperity are often focused on the things that you can accomplish for yourself, your family, and the world with the abundance that you receive, as opposed to being motivated by simple greed alone. 

Releasing Spells

In some cases, it can be difficult to let go of a person, situation, or emotional state, even when we know it is causing us emotional harm. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it may be time to work a white light releasing spell. These spells help you to release the energy of  whatever is causing the issues for you, so that you can move on with a fresh, clear outlook. 

Spells to Set Intention

Intention setting spells are also a vital part of white light magic. These spells can be used to help achieve your goals, allowing you to align your overall thoughts and actions with your larger intent. If you are in the process of making changes in your life and of improving your current situation, you’ll find that spending some time to set your intention each day will make a dramatic impact on the results that you are able to achieve. 

As you go about your day to day life and work towards your goals, white light magic can be a wonderful way to focus your energy and your intent. If you need help designing the perfect spell or ritual, reach out to us today and let us know about your goals, so that we can help you achieve them.