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The Top Magical Gems for Healing

Magical Gems for Healing

Do you have a collection of gems for healing and magic? If so, do you have the right ones? Are you unsure?

If so, you are in the right place.

Gems are useful for an array of metaphysical purposes. While this is true, there are some that are most well-known for certain traits and abilities. While gemstones can be used for an array of purposes from prosperity and psychic development to sexual awakening and grounding, here you can learn more about the most powerful gemstones for healing.

If you are new to the world of gems and just starting your collection, you will soon discover that every crystal and stone has a specific purpose when used with metaphysical work. The main reason for this is because each gem vibrates at a distinctive frequency. The crystal structure and natural coloring facilitate the chakra correspondences, which causes them to resonate with certain energy centers in the auric and physical body.

The Top Gems for Healing

Healing may mean spiritual wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, or physical wellness. As a result, there are several gems that energy workers use when promoting healing. The most popular stones used for this are found here.

Rose Quartz

This is also the heart chakra. It is the stone for heart healing and universal love. It is believed that rose quartz will help to draw love to you and allow you to love more fully when someone sends love your way. It also helps with other issues, by easing pain, bringing peace, and calming nerves.


This connects to the heart and solar plexus chakras. Malachite has been used for several thousand years to help stimulate the Life Force while absorbing pollutants. It is also often called the Midwife Stone and the potent medicine it offers helps to ease the pain of childbirth and help to cure all types of emotional trauma and physical illnesses.


Connecting to the heart and root chakras, this is a powerful gem that can benefit cardiac wellness and circulatory healthy. It helps to build stamina while aiding in the physical recovery process after surgery or an extended illness.


This is a unique stone as it connects to all your upper chakras. It is considered the only stone in the entire world that is known for its ability to heal the healer. Regardless of if you are a doctor or a Reiki master, this is a stone that will work to help heal you as you do your amazing and sacred work of helping and healing others.


This stone is made of micanized lithium and connects to the crown chakra. For many years, native Americans have used this stone for medicine. It’s possible to rub the stone to release the articles in the stone into your skin, which help to alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety.

Learning about the stones that are out there and the things they can do is the best way to know what power they hold.