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Basic Facts About White Light Magic

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If you have big ideas for your life, but keep finding that the things you want are just out of your reach, it may be possible that you’re just not manifesting your goals and dreams correctly. With a little faith and a little magic, you can have the life you’ve always wanted. At White Light Magic, we’re happy to consult with individuals and practitioners and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Whether you need a reading, a consult, or custom spellwork, we’re happy to help.

If you’re new to white magic, here are some basic things you’ll need to know:

White Light Magic is Positive

As you ponder the idea of bringing white light magic into your life, it’s important to understand that this type of magic is built on positive energy. White light magic focuses on the positive things that you’d like to bring into your life, working with positive spiritual forces. This means that hexing, cursing, or wishing ill on others has no place in this kind of magic. Instead, you’ll be focusing on the things that you’d like to attract.

Focus on Free Will

White magic is focused on free will. This means that it’s unlikely that these types of spells will affect the will of another. Instead, they’re focused on manifesting the things that you most desire in your life. You’ll work with a caster to focus on the things that you most desire, then make them a reality. Instead of changing others to suit your whims, you’ll work on creating a life that others will want to be a part of.

Magic is Unique to the Caster

White magic carries the caster’s energy within each working. This means that whether you cast on your own or have a skilled caster do a spell for you, that magic carries a bit of personal energy with it. This makes it important to learn to cast on your own or to work with an experienced caster so that you can obtain the best results possible.

Magic Empowers Your Energy

As you learn to embrace white magic, you’ll learn to work within your own powerful energy. You’ll soon find that you can set goals, manifest the things that you desire, and bring the life that you want into fruition. Empower your energy and empower your life with white light magic.

When you’re ready to embrace everything that White Light Magic can offer you, reach out and let us know a bit about your goals. We’ll help you set a plan in action to begin to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.