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Debunking Stigmatizing Myths About Transgender Individuals

myths about transgender individuals

Less understood topics often become victims of negative ideas. In this case, real people get hurt when negative ideas spread and create myths about transgender individuals.

Most people do not understand the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. If you feel like you have been assigned the wrong gender at birth, opt for our gender transformation magic.

Let’s clear out the cloud of confusion and more myths about transgender people.

Myth #1: Being transgender is a Choice

Transgender people have to face discrimination, mistrust, and social stigma when they decide to be themselves. People who are very close to you (parents, best friends) may assume that being transgender is a fad or a choice and fail to accept your identity.

When you accept your transgender friend or child as who they are, your affirmation provides them moral support to fight society and, in some cases, saves lives. As a transgender person, you have several reasons to buy an MTF gender spell from us. The process simply gets easier when your loved ones support you.

Myth #2: Being transgender is a mental illness

Imagine being ostracized for liking public transport in a world ruled by cars. That’s what trans people need to go through every day. While gender re-education camps have become illegal in most of the developed world, a fair share of people still think being transgender is a mental illness.  According to the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatrist Association being trans isn’t a mental health disorder. A trans person isn’t more likely to suffer from poor mental health and doesn’t need ‘fixing’. If you are a trans person who is trying to get your gender reassigned, our magic spell to change gender can help.

Myth #3: All trans people want complete transition

Transitioning is the process of moving away from your assigned gender at birth. However, completely changing your gender or “full transition” doesn’t exist. People assume that transitioning always involves surgical procedures where your genitals are surgically changed. However, transitioning is more nuanced than more people think.

Trans people can transition to a different gender in many ways. Usually, they may

  • Legally change their name and play different gender roles in society
  • Get on hormone therapy
  • Opt for surgical procedures

There are other ways to transition and both the choice and process are very personal. If you want to transition without complications, our gender swap spell can help.

You can support trans people by learning to support them and affirm their identity. As long as you are respectful and don’t ask personal questions you can make a more inclusive environment for trans people. If you identify as a trans person and want to change your gender, Jessica Black’s Spell Collection has several powerful white magic spells that may be of use. Write to us with your queries at or click here to explore more options.