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How to Tell the Difference Between Real Love and Infatuation?

Difference Between Real Love and Infatuation

‘When you know, you know’ – This line has been used in several movie scripts, songs, and pop culture. However, they often hyper-inflate basic traits of attraction and blur the lines between infatuation and real love. 

Unlike the movies would like you to believe, infatuation and love are very different. One is quick to happen and usually based on physical attraction while the other is a much deeper experience that requires compromises, time, and effort. If you’re looking to turn infatuation into real love, consider buying love spells online from Jessica Black’s Spell Collections!

Let’s figure out how you can tell real love apart from infatuation:

1. With infatuation, your interest is perfect | In love, your partner is human

Infatuation is a very strong feeling that’s quick to happen and is usually based on physical attraction. On the other hand, while real love usually starts with physical attraction, it takes time and isn’t a superficial experience in any way. No wonder everyone is looking for the ultimate love spell.

With infatuation, you tend to place the person you’re interested in on a pedestal. With love, you see your partner as a human with all their flaws and choose to love them either way. However, infatuation is often the spark that starts love. If the other person isn’t infatuated with you, you can ask Jessica to cast a love spell online to turn your infatuation into real love.

2. With infatuation, you focus on good traits | In love, you see the complete person

When you are infatuated with someone, you go all gaga over them. You only see their positive characteristics and good qualities. You go head over heels even when you haven’t had enough deep interactions with them. When you turn that infatuation into real love with the help of a real love spell caster like Jessica, you’ll see the other person through and through and see them as a complete human being. You’ll be glad that they are kind and compassionate, and put up with their childishness or sudden mood swings.

3. With infatuation, you’re in shallow water | In love, you dive deep

When you’re infatuated with someone, you have limited interaction with the person even when you want to spend every living second with them. You want to know everything about them and sometimes that leads to borderline stalking on social media. However, you’ll be unable to know anything more than an acquaintance would.

When you use an incredible law of attraction spell from Jessica and make the other person truly fall for you, you’ll get to trade some of your most embarrassing secrets with your partner and share the most intimate moments with them. You won’t be afraid to be vulnerable with them and your partner won’t hesitate to reciprocate in kind.

The key to transforming infatuation into love lies within you. Cultivate self-awareness, open communication, and genuine connection. Remember, love is a journey, not a destination. Building real love takes time and if the one you admire doesn’t reciprocate, consider casting a law of attraction spell from Jessica Black’s Spell Collections! Write to her at to get a customized spell that’s designed to help you embark on your journey to true love.