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Debunking Myths about Fertility

Debunking Myths about Fertility

Are you trying to conceive for a long but failing each attempt due to fertility issues? Unfortunately, women facing fertility issues often face insensitive comments from society. Infertility affects two out of three women and causes immense stress. But scarier is the myths about fertility doing the rounds. If you are feeling bogged down due to infertility issues, get a fertility spell from Jessica Black’s Spell Collections. We treat women trying to get pregnant but devoid of motherhood.

Here are 3 myths about fertility debunked

3 myths about fertility

1. Women become infertile after 35

People assign deadlines for women after marriage but more so when they have fertility issues and fail to become pregnant. But take a look at the reality and you will quickly find out that the typical age at which a woman’s reproductive cycle ends is at 50 years. So, the truth is that fertility starts declining after 35 years but women can still get pregnant.  A lot depends on the health of the reproductive organs and the body’s way of dealing with stress. That said, there is no universal age for women to lose their fertility. Factors like nutrition and lifestyle impact the ability to conceive. If you are keen to become pregnant and need an alternate way to become a mother, turn to us for spells of pregnancy and take your first step to motherhood.

2. Fertility is woman-specific

Society perceives that fertility is an issue that affects women only. But have you ever wondered why more than half of the infertility issues are related to males and the rest are to women? If you are a woman hankering for pregnancy after marriage, make sure the doctor suggests a physical test for your husband as well. No matter what the cause of the fertility issue is, women need not experience, shame or grief. As far as the insensitiveness of society is concerned, the best way to counter them is through our white magic fertility spell.

3. Age is the only factor impacting fertility

Most of the time you hear people talking about how age impacts fertility in women. While it is true to a certain extent, it is not the only factor responsible for infertility. A series of tests may confirm whether your eggs are viable or the ovulation system is defective. Apart from this, abnormalities in the uterus like fibroids, large shapes, or polyps may also interfere with motherhood.

We have spells to get you pregnant fast and allow you to come out of the myths. Are you facing a crisis with your pregnancy and not able to enjoy motherhood after years of marriage? At Jessica Black’s Spell Collections, we have for you a world of offerings through spells. For instance, couples out of love may buy love spells online from us to help themselves. It’s time you discard the fertility myths for your mind. Email to connect with Jessica Black, our spell caster for help.