• "Get Rid of Bad People In Your Life" Spell by Genie!!

 Powerful "Get Rid of Bad People in your Life" Spell Cast by my Ancient Genie!


We ALL have those people in our lives that we would love to just get rid of. This rare spell will do remove this bad people from your life for good!....

Imagine being able to get rid of the people in your life who always seem to hurt you and contaminate your well-being. The chance to start over. Get rid of a bad relationship that just causes you heart break and misery.....

  Or remove bad friends from your life or your child's life. These people will only cause you unnecessary problems and heartbreak. This spell works by taking the energy of the negative person and bringing it back onto them. This will make them voluntarily leave your life (without knowing why)....


Or even get rid of a bad boss and stop being stressed out needlessly at work.....


Get rid of all of the negativity and anxiety with the bad people who contaminate your life on a daily basis. Start being around the positive people who can help you be happy and become a success!!! Take advantage of this spell today!....




Buy 1 Time: Single Cast

Experience fast results and help to remove that person from your life quickly!



Buy 2 Times: Double Cast

For even faster and stronger results! Remove that person even faster and restore your peace of mind.



Buy 3 Times: Triple Cast

An ultra powerful spell. Get rid of people who are strongly attached to you and hurting you a lot...



Buy 4 Times: Quadruple Cast

The ultimate removal spell! Use this spell to completely banish even the most negative people from your life! This can be cast on up to 3 different people in your life...




What do I need to do?

1. Purchase this listing with the buy it now.

2. Send my your name, date of birth, the name of the person you would like to get rid of through messages to me. 

3. I will contact you for the best time to ask the genie to grant this wish.

4. Believe. You must BELIEVE in the genie's power for it to work..



Money Back Guarantee:

If you do not see results within 90 days, email me and your money will be refunded in full to you.


Who I Am:

My name is Jessica Black. My grandmother taught me the ancient art of magic when I was a little girl. I have been a practitioner of the magic arts for over fifteen years. I specialize in white magic and djinn use.  I have a strong following of many wealthy and famous clients off of.

This is the first time I have ever offered my services online. I am trying to reach out and help those who need it most. This service is priced to a minimum. I want everyone to enjoy my genie's power.














Legal Stuff: This service is for entertainment purposes only. Seller is not responsible for any paranormal or metaphysical activity that may or may not occur. Please do not bid if you have any fear of psychic services. This service is in no way a substitute for professional legal, medical, or psychiatric counsel.

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"Get Rid of Bad People In Your Life" Spell by Genie!!

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